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Save The Dates

The hardest part of the entire wedding plan is picking the venue and the date. After that point, everything sort of falls into place, including your creative touch! They should definitely give the guest the feel of the wedding, so it really helps to have your theme before sending them out. You also want to keep in mind that they should sort of match up with the invitations that you send out closer to your special day!

People have gotten incredibly creative with their Save The Dates — and they are so fun to look and see!! Here are a few ideas to get your own creative juices flowing!! If you’re using a picture, feel free to be as fun and as creative as you want – the more creative, the more memorable — just remember to keep it classy and appropriate!

Made To Order:

1. Ribbons – I think these are so fun and so cute!!

2. Embroidered handkerchief – this is fun because it’s something people can hold on to

3. Photo Card – there are several places you can find these – anywhere from shutterfly to tiny prints, there are so many cute options out there!

4. Block Notepad with writing on the side

5. Boarding tickets or Passport for destination wedding


6. Napkins, especially if it’s a cocktail reception or along those lines

7. Matchboxes – these are practical and something your guests can hang on to and use!

8. Balloon

9. Magnets – you can find these pretty cheap now through vista print or a quick google search



DIY Ideas:

1. Handmade postcards – these can be as creative as you want, with thread, stickers, ribbon, glued on flowers, etc. TIP: Double check with USPS to make sure it’s the proper size

2. Photocard – just make multiple prints of your favorite photo or photos and make a small investment in some card stock & fit it to the exact design you want to send!


3. Fun paper shapes – i.e. snowflakes for a winter ceremony, four leaf clover if you’re Irish, hearts for anytime, flip flops for a beach wedding, or a leaf for a fall wedding, like below… you get the idea!


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Wedding accessories to help make your BIG day extra special!! Moxie, noun: The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage; energy, pep; courage, determination

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  1. Great ideas. The balloon idea is so fun!

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