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5 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are your girls, your best friends, your confidants, the ones you can be vulnerable with, the ones you trust, the ones you love. And the ones that you get to be honored having stand next to you on the biggest day of your life!!

There are so many fun, creative and special ways to ask your besties to be a special part of your day! Here are a couple ideas to get the ball rolling to ask your girls! Remember to ask them in person – asking your girlfriends in person makes it way more personable and will be a moment for you guys to share & always remember!!

1. Photo Puzzle – You can make great photo puzzles on PuzzleMatic to give to your party. You could either do a picture of you and your man, a photo collage of the things you love to do, or make individual puzzles for each of your maids & men! You can include as many photos as you want as well as text. In the text you can think of a creative way to ask!


2. DIY Scrabble Magnet Board – Check out this awesome DIY post on The Twice Remembered Cottage blog making a magnetic scrabble board – what a fun thing to do to ask your crew!!

3. DIY Expandable Photo Card – I saw this adorable idea on this WeddingBee post! It would be very time consuming, but since she had 4 bridesmaids, it worked for her! She chose fun pictures of her and each girl with writing on the front and back. You could include whatever you want – a saying, a poem, incorporate an inside joke – to make these as personal as you want! She also included the silly way they asked their groomsmen!

4. Personalized Hangers – my best friend from High School got me a fun hanger like this for my wedding that said Mrs. Wujek in it – it was so special and I hung my dress on it for the “getting ready” pictures on my wedding day. But, why couldn’t you have a personalized one with all the girls’ names on it or just the word Bridesmaid on it as a fun way to ask them to stand next to you?? You could hang a couple pictures of you guys on it from ribbon or even clip them on with paperclips or clothespins. Check out for tons of ideas and price points – the one pictured can be found here.

5. Custom Wooden Box – I saw these on as well and you could probably even do this as a fun little DIY project if you wanted to try to tackle it! You could also include a fun card, and some goodies in there – maybe lip gloss and nail polish the colors of your wedding – or some of your favorite things with your special gal.


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