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DIY Escort Cards & Board Ideas

When your guests first walk into your reception, the first thing they’re going to look for are where their table is. If you are not doing pre-arranged tables, we suggest making some type of sign telling your guests they can seat themselves wherever they’d like.

Here are some fantastic ideas we found to direct your guests to their seat for the fun!

1. DIY Chicken Wire Seating Chart

Photo Credit: Scissors and Spatulas blog

Scissors & Spatula’s blog has created this SimplyAdorable DIY Chicken Wire Memo Boards. Pair this with some DIY painted or fabric clothespins and you’ve got yourself an adorable place to hang your escort cards!

2. Rustic DIY Escort Card Holder

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee

Loving the rustic, vintage look of this awesome escort card holder. The cards on the tower are fantastic too!

3. DIY Wine Cork Escort Card Holders

Photo Credit: Lollipops & Paper

This is quickly becoming THE thing to do for weddings! And they’re adorable, yet somewhat difficult to make. Check out the instructions and try your own!

4. Escort Stones

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee

Instead of paper, just pick up some river stones and either write or paint names & table numbers on them! So easy & free as long as you live near some water!

5. DIY Flower & Moss Escort Cards

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ann Designs

Loving the look that Elizabeth Ann Designs put together to make this!

6. DIY Starfish Escort/Place Cards

Photo Credit: Newport Nuptials

These would be a perfect fit for a nautical or beach-themed wedding. **Just a note, they do sell plastic ones which we would highly recommend. Starfish otherwise were living animals at one point, but there are plenty of places to find the plastic kind!**

7. DIY Butterfly Place Cards

Photo Credit: Princess Panda

Princess Panda takes you step by step in how to make these adorable little escort cards/place cards.

8. DIY Lemonade Escort Cards

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Martha comes through once again with these delish escort cards!

9. DIY Ribbon on Bamboo Poles

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee

This would be so incredibly perfect for an outdoor, summer wedding!



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