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2012 Top Honeymoon Destinations – #5

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Exotic. Tropical. Paradise. True island living.

2012 Top Honeymoon Destination #5: Barbados

A beautiful coral island with fantastic beaches and friendly locals, Barbados offers the visitor many attractions including art, music, nightlife and history as well as some excellent restaurants. For the more adventurous, scuba diving and snorkelling is a big attraction along the coral reefs that fringe the shoreline.

Known as one of the lushest islands in the Caribbean, Barbados is a fabulously fun destination with it’s “bajan” accent. While Barbados is the No. 1 honeymoon destination for couples from Great Britain, more and more Americans are discovering the beauty and sophistication of Barbados as well.

Here you find all elements for perfect romance: The lulling sounds of the relentless surf, balmy air, warm sun and water, and incredible Barbados sunsets.

Barbados: Things to See / do

Barbados Museum – Housed in an early 19th-century military prison, this museum has engaging displays on all aspects

Barbados Wildlife Reserve  – A walk-through zoo opposite Farley Hill, with short paths that meander

Sunbury Plantation House – Built between 1660 and 1670, the handsome Sunbury Plantation House was painstakingly restored

Tyrol Cot Heritage Village – A traditional Bajan village built on the former home of Sir Grantley Adams, first premier …

Welchman Hall Gully – A thickly wooded ravine with a walking track and nearly 200 species of lush


When To Go to Barbados:

The best time to go to Barbados is during the cooler, drier months of late winter and early spring (December through May). Mid-December to Mid-April is also the peak tourist season when prices are higher and hotels most crowded.


Fast Facts:

Full Name: Barbados

Capital City: Bridgetown

Area: 432 sq km (167 sq miles)

Population: 264,000

Languages: English (official)

Religion: Protestant (67%), Roman Catholic (4%), none (17%), other (12%)

Currency: Barbados Dollar (B$)


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