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Pinterest Addiction

Addiction. Obsession. You just want to take one more look. Pin one more item. The newest time-stealer has arrived. And we are totally hooked. Yes, that’s right – PINTEREST. It is the most fantastic website that exists. It consumes all time, yet has the most incredible ideas. Ever. Follow us at: Here are some […]

Valentine Deliciousness!!

So, Valentine’s Day is on it’s way. Less than a week. Trust us, life gets busy. Things get forgotten prioritized. Especially in the gifts department.

Do something different for your love. More thoughtful than a box of chocolates.

We have the perfect solution for you. If you have not heard of The Cookie Chew (on the Vendors We Love page), you absolutely NEED to check them out.

The Cookie Chew

Cookies & Cream Truffies Photo Credit: The Cookie Chew

Red Velvet Stuffed Cookie Photo Credit: The Cookie Chew


Just a few of the immediate words that come to mind when thinking about these insanely fantastic little treats.

Don’t take our word for it. Check them out on your own. You will be just short of heaven. The best part? You can order them for any kind of event, party, corporate treat, showers, favors, bridal party gifts, birthdays, etc.

Valentines Day Package - Photo Credit: The Cookie Chew

Bridal Shower Recipe Guide

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the food that you serve completely depends on your theme. Try to stick with one main idea and let that help you out.

Because the bridal shower is usually a 2 hour event, your guests shouldn’t expect to be fed a complete meal, unless you specify it in your invitation. It’s easiest to make finger foods and allows the event to be more social and easier to play games, do some activities and open gifts without it taking up the entire day.

Here are just a couple fun ideas to get you started!

Bridal Shower Punch
This is a favorite among all types of shower, especially bridal showers. If you want, you can feel free to “spike” it with a flavored vodka.

This perfect dip is always a favorite and so easy to make! You can serve it with pita chips, bread and/or a plate of fresh veggies.

Tomato Basil Flatbread
This is always a favorite – it takes a little time to make, but there are always short cuts you can take!

Bruschetta Bites
This is an all-time favorite for my sister & I when hosting parties in the past – they’re bursting with flavor, super easy to make and always a hit!

Fresh Caramel Apple Cake
Of course I need to go to one of my best friends for the dessert idea, Liz Barhydt of The Cookie Chew – her amazing ideas and recipes on her blog are incredible – check out her website for amazing ideas!!


Hottest Wedding Trends for 2012

Here is a small list of some of the hottest wedding trends for 2012 so far:

1. Cake Pops or Cookies (see The Cookie Chew for options) instead of Cake

2. Incorporating color into your dress — need your something blue?? Sew or pin it ON your actual dress

3. Getting creative with your photos — plan ahead for your Thank You cards and upcoming events! (Talk to Colleen Sherman of Color Me Rad photography for ideas!) Also, try using a photobooth “backdrop” instead of the whole booth – it makes for much more creative and fun pictures!

4. Mix & Match flower styles and colors for both centerpieces and bouquets – ask Abby Barbrick from Sugar Rose Flowers for more ideas that fit your vision!

5. Fun, memorable food ideas — think ice cream trucks to top off the end of the night for something your guests will always remember!