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Pinterest Addiction

Addiction. Obsession. You just want to take one more look. Pin one more item. The newest time-stealer has arrived. And we are totally hooked. Yes, that’s right – PINTEREST. It is the most fantastic website that exists. It consumes all time, yet has the most incredible ideas. Ever. Follow us at: Here are some […]

What’s In a Color??

Deciding on your wedding colors is pretty close to the second step of planning your wedding – right behind picking the date & the venue. It affects the theme of your day, the invitations, flowers, all the decorations, the dresses & tux’s your wedding party wears, and even the color your Mom chooses for her Mother of the Bride dress!

Colors can also mean different things for different cultures or regions.  For example, white is known in western cultures as a symbol of virtue and innocence.  Likewise, many Asian cultures view white as a color symbolizing death, as white is a mourning color.

Choosing your wedding colors convey emotion, mood, and tone. We tend to use our favorite wedding color combination without knowing the real meaning of wedding colors.

So, what does the color you’re thinking about say about you?? Check out some of the psychology below!

Black—Considered to represent sophistication, power, sexuality, and elegance.  This color can be high-impact or understated, depending upon any contrasting colors used. Black depicts formal, modern, sexy, and sophisticated. It is a color that is always in fashion. It never goes out of style. Black is usually paired with white. With black, you feel elegant, powerful, and sophisticated. Black works well with lighter colors such as yellow, white, blue, red, blue, and green. Black will stand out in photographs.

Red—The color most readily associated with love, passion, desire, and sex.  In other cultures, red can symbolize purity or good fortune.  Red creates excitement and is a high-drama color, and although there is a shade of red for everyone, this would be the wrong color to have in varying shades at the altar, as they easily clash with each other. Life, vitality, celebrations, and gifts are associated with red.

Pink—If red is the color of passion, pink is its understated cousin.  Pink is thought to represent femininity and romance.  No matter what shade, pink is actually a calming color. It symbolizes the femininity, admiration, love, pretty, spring, gentleness, harmony, fidelity, and sensuality. It is an innocent, sweet, and soft color.

Purple—Historically known as the color of royalty, purple still implies elegance and wealth.  In lighter shades, purple is considered very youthful. It shows nobility, luxury, authority, creativity, inspiration, and spirituality. It is a mysterious and intriguing color. The darker shades of purple represent sensuality, while the lighter shades of purple represent romance and delicate.

Green—Represents nature and fertility.  In almost all shades, green is an incredibly popular color with both men and women.  It is relaxing to look at and gives an appearance of health and vitality. It represents health, wealth, money, nature, environment, fertility, growth, re-birth, victory, healing, abundant, and renewable. The green tells of new life and beginning after the wedding. Oftentimes, we use green to show the awareness to be eco-friendly, or environment friendly.

Yellow—As such a strong color, yellow should not be overused or paired with black (studies have shown that people have a negative physical reaction to yellow and black together, most likely because of bumblebees).  However, on its own, yellow connotes optimism and lighthearted cheeriness.  Yellow is not a flattering color for everyone, so consider the skin tones of your wedding party before choosing the shade.

Blue—Blue calls for calmness, tranquility, truthfulness, nobleness, and faithfulness. In all the cultures, blue has the lowest amount of bad images. Blue is often use in ribbons to symbolize winners. Blue is recommended and versatile.

Orange—This is one of the most energetic and attention-grabbing colors.  It represents excitement and is very memorable. It stands for energy, sun, warmth and comfortable. It is often used in fall weddings. The guests will feel at ease. Think of fall leaves, pumpkin, sun, sunset as wedding themes.

Gray—This color actually is emotionally-neutral.  It does imply a certain amount of conservative tradition and formality. When paired with certain colors, especially pastels, it can definitely have a vintage, elegant feel to it.

Brown—Liked by men more than women, this shade (along with related earth tones) represents confidence, sincerity, and stability. Brown makes you feel comfortable, warm, and cozy. It is a color of wood, earth, and stone. Brown also stimulates appetite which may make guests feel obliged to stay longer and brings character to the location.

So, what does your color say about you??

Bridal Shower Planning

Hosting a bridal shower for a friend, sister, best friend or loved one can be a lot of work, but so much fun!! Sometimes games can be cheesy and sometimes they can be a blast!! Here’s a couple ideas to make your day extra special!!

1. Schedule ahead – it’s best to plan the shower about 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Shoot for a 2-hour block of time and weekends usually work best. Plan ahead – people have busy lives and busy schedules –  the sooner you let your guests know, the better!

2. Stick to your Budget– usually the maid/matron-of-honor leads the charge with all the extra bridesmaids pitching in. The party-giver is usually the one to foot all the bills so making & sticking to your budget is key!

3. Venue – places book up quick, so, if you’re planning on going to a restaurant or venue, make sure to get it booked ahead of time!

4. Theme – it makes it more fun to pick out a theme, espcially if you can incorporate the theme of the wedding. Example: kitchen, new home, pamper-the-bride, or something more in-depth, like a Mexico destination wedding, have beachy attire, decorations, favor & games. Make sure to let your gusts know what the theme is!!

5. Guest List – it usually helps you out to have the bride & groom make the guest list – and it makes sure that all the ones they want there are at least invited! Make sure to plan ahead and send out invitations at least 6 weeks before the shower, especially if there will be any out-of-towners. Make sure to get all their information, including addresses, phone numbers & emails.

6. Invitations – DIY or have them created through a ton of great websites (see Save The Dates post for ideas for your invite). Make sure to line them up with your theme!! Include the date, start and end times–two hours should do it–event address, contact information, and gift registry.

7. Decorations – if you picked out a theme, make sure to continue it without overdoing it. Remember, focus on your bride and what she likes. It also helps to revolve your decorations around what she plans the wedding to be like. Incorporate her colors & her theme – it will really show her how much you care!

8. Photos – you can include pictures of the attendees and the bride together to make it fun and include everyone! Or, if you want to go above & beyond, reach out to all the girls invited and ask them to write something special – a memory or special quote – and make a little book that includes it all to give your bride to show how much she is loved!

9. Menu – this can be as laid back or as elegant as you want it. Everything works from a backyard BBQ to a high-end restaurant. It all depends on your bride-to-be and your budget. But, if you’re doing it yourself, look for tomorrow’s post for some wonderful recipe ideas!!

10. Favors – this is not necessary and completely depends on your budget. However, you can make it really fun and give your guests something to remember the fun event by! And there are always DIY options – see here for the flower pot favor I made – easy and so fun!!

11. Games – games can be silly and sometimes cheesy, but, as with everything else, depends on your bride. Check back for some fun ideas to make your day go a little smoother and be a blast for everyone there!

12. Setup/Cleanup – putting together a list of all the to-do’s you need for both before and after your event will seriously help you out. Take an extra 10-15 minutes to plan your day ahead. It will help streamline the day so that you’re not cleaning up too late.

13. Last minute details – don’t forget to make sure you have all the little things! Think about everything you need when you’re making your setup/cleanup to-do’s including making sure you have enough ice, serving utensils, music if you want/have it, etc.

14. HAVE FUN!!! Planning an event, especially if it’s not something you’re used to, can get a little stressful – the most important thing is to remember to HAVE FUN!! This is a special time in your lives & something to remember forever!!

Save The Dates

The hardest part of the entire wedding plan is picking the venue and the date. After that point, everything sort of falls into place, including your creative touch! They should definitely give the guest the feel of the wedding, so it really helps to have your theme before sending them out. You also want to keep in mind that they should sort of match up with the invitations that you send out closer to your special day!

People have gotten incredibly creative with their Save The Dates — and they are so fun to look and see!! Here are a few ideas to get your own creative juices flowing!! If you’re using a picture, feel free to be as fun and as creative as you want – the more creative, the more memorable — just remember to keep it classy and appropriate!

Made To Order:

1. Ribbons – I think these are so fun and so cute!!

2. Embroidered handkerchief – this is fun because it’s something people can hold on to

3. Photo Card – there are several places you can find these – anywhere from shutterfly to tiny prints, there are so many cute options out there!

4. Block Notepad with writing on the side

5. Boarding tickets or Passport for destination wedding


6. Napkins, especially if it’s a cocktail reception or along those lines

7. Matchboxes – these are practical and something your guests can hang on to and use!

8. Balloon

9. Magnets – you can find these pretty cheap now through vista print or a quick google search



DIY Ideas:

1. Handmade postcards – these can be as creative as you want, with thread, stickers, ribbon, glued on flowers, etc. TIP: Double check with USPS to make sure it’s the proper size

2. Photocard – just make multiple prints of your favorite photo or photos and make a small investment in some card stock & fit it to the exact design you want to send!


3. Fun paper shapes – i.e. snowflakes for a winter ceremony, four leaf clover if you’re Irish, hearts for anytime, flip flops for a beach wedding, or a leaf for a fall wedding, like below… you get the idea!