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The Ring: Band or No Band, that is the question?

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I have a wonderful friend that just got married. Her engagement ring is incredibly beautiful and elaborate on the sides. While she likes the idea of having a wedding band, he doesn’t want one. So, what is the meaning behind the engagement ring WITH a wedding band, do you need one, and what is the going trend?

History of the Ring:

An engagement ring is a symbol, typically worn by a woman on her left hand, that means she is engaged to be married. Conventionally, the woman’s ring is presented as a “betrothal” gift by her man during or right after he proposes. It represents a formal agreement to future marriage. They date back to Ancient Egypt and Roman times, but weren’t picked up in Western culture until the 13th century. Rings are placed on the fourth finger – what we know as the “ring finger” – because Ancient Egyptians believed that it contained a vein that lead to the heart. Romans believed the ring to be a symbol for ownership rather than love. It meant that the husband would claim his wife. In second century B.C., the Roman bride was given two rings, a gold one which she wore in public, and one made of iron, which she can wear at home while doing house chores. In the 21st century, however, especially within Western civilization, it has become a common expectation for the bride-to-be to permanently wear their ring as a means to maintain their commitment.

Why the Engagement Ring AND the Wedding Band?

It is most common to get both an engagement ring and a separate wedding band. The engagement ring is typically a “gift” to the woman while the wedding band is a “symbol” of love between the man and woman. The engagement ring is the one with the bling, while the wedding band is typically smaller and simpler. A lot of times you can get a “set” that will come with the engagement ring and a matching band.

It’s all about symbolism and speaking the unspoken of your marriage status to people that see you. The engagement (bling) ring says “I’m getting married!” The 2 rings together says “I’m married!”

The Bottom Line:
It’s 100% up to you and your preference. You’re the one wearing it. Get none. Get one. Or both. Or a tattoo. And wear them how you like. With confidence and pride. It’s your relationship. Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter what other people think.