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Flower Pot Favors

For my friend’s bridal shower, I made these fun flower pots as favors to give away to our guests – and you can too!! They’re so easy and you can get as creative as you want.

You can find the small mini-pots anywhere – try Target, Walmart, Home Depot, or Michael’s for a couple idea.

And while you’re there make sure to pick up some spray paint – I went with silver since the colors of her wedding were silver & yellow.

Make sure to grab something to spray paint on. I had a large cardboard box that I was able to break down to give me a flat space so that I could make several of them. Spray paint them all and allow plenty of time to dry.

Once they were dry, I took a yellow ribbon that I picked up at Michael’s, again the color of her wedding, and a bucket of paper flowers there, too. Since the ribbon was see-through, I hot glued the ribbon in one place where I put the flower. If your ribbon is more sturdy, feel free to hot glue the ribbon all the way around.


I picked up some cute little seed packets of easily-planted flowers. Try to avoid those that are difficult to grow & take care of. I also attached a fun little poem to the back that I made up about the bride & groom! This is where you get to add your own creative flair!


Enjoy!! And remember, HAVE FUN!!!! That’s what this is all about!!


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