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Just Married Sign

So my girlfriend, Liz found a similar sign and, knowing how much I love crafts, asked me if I could make it for her Big Day! Of course I can never turn a project down and I thought it’d be fun to share with you how I made it!

I started with a template. You can download and find it >>here<<.

I blew up the picture and printed the above template onto 11″ x 17″ plain paper. I also cut a piece of thin, lacquered wood and drilled 2 holes into it for the actual sign.

I thought it would look best if I actually drew the letters onto the sign vs. spray mounting the paper on. So, it took me about an hour to cut out the letters on the paper and trace the letters onto the wood.

I first traced it onto the wood with a pen, only because I didn’t have a pencil — who doesn’t own a pencil anymore?? This girl…

Anyway, I did this so that I could go over and fix any of the parts that didn’t exactly look right with a permanent marker.

So I then went over everything with a permanent marker and filled in everything. Make sure you have a good/new permanent marker because if it starts running out of juice it’s awful to deal with!!

I bought some tulle at Michael’s. Liz’s colors are yellow and gray, so I bought the yellowish tint tulle. I had to twist it into a point at the ends to fit through the holes that I drilled into the wood, tied a knot at the ends and left about an inch on each side in the front. I also tied a bow in the middle of the top so they can hang it.

I went & bought some silk flowers to glue on. Again, her colors are yellow, but I thought the orange one would add a little extra something. They are really easy to work with.  You need a glue gun and some separation skills. You just pop the flower off the stem, take out the piece that holds the petals together and hot glue each piece together to make the flower lay flat.

Then I just placed the flowers randomly where I thought they looked kinda cute. This is where you get to be creative! The piece that held the flower together is usually the center part of the flower so I cut off the “stem” of it and glued it back in the center of the bigger yellow flowers & the orange flower. In the small yellow flowers, I blinged it up with some Swarovski crystals in the centers of each of them.


I am still searching for some awesome gray ribbon, so it’s not exactly finished yet, but here it is so far! Hope you like it! If you make your own, I’d love to see it!!

You can always email questions to



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